Interclub Games Night

I am writing this post whilst eating an ice-cream which means one of two things. 1 - I’m an absolute sucker for the stuff. Everything about the melt-in-the-mouth scoops of pure bliss means they are suitable for any occasion and tonight is no exception. 2 – it is summer and the 28 degree reading in my car justifies the need to stick my head in my freezer and enjoy whatever frozen treat I manage to extract from the ice-cream draw first.

In this instance, it’s the summer detail that’s important. And with summer comes the inevitable down season for Leatherhead Hockey Club. 5 months of pouting and oogling over Adidas’s next season’s Astro shoes as we countdown to September and the start of another brilliant unpredictable season. However, this year has been a bit different.

Jules has worked extremely hard to make sure we have regular mixed games, the ladies side of the club have been entered in a summer league and the men have had a social game or two against other local clubs. And yesterday we made club history with the first Interclub Games Night – a chance for the whole club to come together and play five 15min social games of hockey in randomly assigned, but almost-perfectly balanced, mixed teams. 

With all events, especially those not attempted before, no matter how much excitement and enthusiasm starts the ball rolling, as the date gets closer there is always a little person inside (this could just be me) going through all the possible eventualities that could occur on the evening. These ‘fears’ were very quickly squished when I drove round the corner into Therfield School carpark to find a good 35 people or so kitted up and nattering amongst themselves. Thank goodness for that!

Not only was this a sign that I should have probably arrived 10mins earlier (timekeeping not my strong point), it meant we could play some hockey! And more than one game against more than one team! Huzzah!

Five teams organised, bibs assigned, goals moved, a whistle located and some warm up drills in motion meant we were ready to get going promptly at 8pm.

Due to the unexpected summer heatwave, Team E were most excited to be the first team off until they realised that meant playing the next four games with only 5 mins to grab a sip of water before the next game beginning. Team A had a similar predicament except they had the first four games and a well-deserved collapse 20mins before the end of the evening (sorry E and A, but someone had to draw the short straw! Must also remember not to put one junior with a whole team of men – sorry about that Kate. Will rejig the teams next time so you don’t all suffer the same fates!

After 90mins of hockey antics we had no injuries (well done everyone), a whole bunch of smiley faces (awesome!) and new troops still talking to the regulars – I’d call that a triple whammy!

To celebrate the evening, those who could moseyed over to the Plough for a round or two of refreshing beverages to replace the 4 pints of sweat lost on the pitch moments before. Here we are still smiling:

Thank you to everyone who supported the event! To those whose who brought people along, sent out invites, brought bibs and hockey balls, turned up in goalie gear, for not being team queens (is that right Freddie?) and to all players for making it to 9:30pm in high spirits. I had a really fun evening, as I hope you did too, and can’t wait to get the next date organised!

Photos from the evening can be found here.