Spring RoundUp

While there’s plenty more hockey to get through over the summer, here’s a quick roundup of what LHC have been up till since the DJ played his last song at this year’s end of Season Dinner Dance. 

Summer Leagues

These are now underway with the Ladies surviving their first three games and Men and Mixed with one under their belts.  

Summer leagues are always a mixed bag of hockey due to the level of availability across all clubs taking part in the leagues. This means that sometimes – as recently discovered in our Mixed game – we find ourselves faced against Olympic standard athletes, whilst other times –  as demonstrated in a recent ladies’ match – we face teams 5-6 divisions higher. 

But we are LHC athletes and even when were up against Danson or Pinner-standard, we crack on and keep our heads in the game. 

Whilst it’s fun to champion these games and come off with a winning score, summer hockey is as much about playing hockey as it is mixing with other players from the club, pushing yourself and trying new things without the fear of it costs any league points. Join our Facebook group to keep up with the final scores and match anecdotes – there may even be the odd photo or two! 


Interclub Friendly #1

Back by popular demand, this year’s first Interclub Friendly/Open Night didn’t disappoint! Taking place a week ago today (16th), we had 30 eager hockey players turn up ready for a Wednesday evening run-around – including three juniors and a couple of new faces. 

Captains chosen at random, we split the five teams into as-even-as-possible teams of six and set the clock for the first 12-min game of the evening. Each team played four games, rotating pitches, bibs, our one goalie and whistle duty as the evening progressed. Since games are self-umpired, honesty kept the games flowing, with the sound of goals, banter and comradeship filling the astro-pitch from the first whistle.

As is fast becoming tradition, the thirstier of us hit The Plough for a quick pint – or two – after the games to continue the quick natters we squeezed into our three-minute water breaks! 

With three more taking place over the summer, and it being only £5 to #getinvolved, will we see you at the next one?


New Mixed Captain

After many years of supporting, captaining, arranging and playing in the Mixed team, Jules Woollatt has decided to step down as Mixed Captain. Whilst she may be passing the baton onto Ely Tovee (me!), Jules has mentioned that she’ll still remain a part of the team, just fancies a break from all the admin!

While we hope this transition is as seamless as Jon’s and Sophie, do forgive any teething issues over the summer whilst we (I) get our (my) bearings. 

If you fancy playing mixed at any point over the summer / new season, get into touch here. And if you happen to see me on pitch / name pop up on Facebook and you have some questions, come say hello! I’d love to meet you and help where I can :) 



The Women's Hockey World Cup is round the corner and we're thinking of talking a pub into letting us highjack their TVs for the evening of 25th July for the England vs USA game at 8pm. It's meant to be the biggest women’s sport event in UK history, so if you fancy being a part and enjoying a beer with other LHC members, please hit yes here and let us know so we can make sure we get enough seats for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who completed this year's End of Season Survey and came along to the AGM to hear the results. If you missed the AGM, the results from the Survey can be found here.

And last but certainly not least, GOOD LUCK to all our juniors who are in the middle of their GCSEs / have exams yet to start. We know it’s a cruddy time but believe us older LHC members when we say they’ll be over before you know it and that we know you’ll be awesome! 

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